Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finished Object Friday: Tiny Crochet Ghost

I don't normally pay a lot of attention to Halloween; it's not really celebrated by anyone over the age of seven in Australia. For me it's an excuse to buy chocolate and lollies "just in case" someone in costume shows up... but more often than not I end up eating the whole lot myself and that is perfectly OK with me :-P This little ghost pattern from A Morning Cup of Jo is starting to change my mind about Halloween. I found the pattern yesterday and couldn't resist making it that evening. 

It's a great pattern; so cute and SO quick to make. I don't think I've ever finished a crochet project in one sitting before. It took me just over an hour from start to finish while watching TV. The best part of the design are the tiny arms which are created with a chain. That means the whole ghost is crocheted in one piece and there's no sewing required (aside from the mouth). It's also a great pattern for using up leftover white or cream yarn, which, for some reason, I seem to have a lot of! I will definitely be crocheting more tiny ghosts in the future. I'd like to make a garland of them in different sizes... maybe they could even have little hats!! Hmm.

The pattern suggests that you use pink fabric paint for the cheeks. I didn't have any so I used some felt instead. Luckily I had some ribbon lying around that I could use to turn the ghost into an ornament. (This might sound strange but a lot of the ribbon I collect comes from those weird little loops you get in dresses and shirts that are supposed to help your clothes stay on the hanger but end up annoying you by sticking out or making you itch. I've been cutting them out for years and one day decided I might as well keep them and put them to use... that's not that weird right?). 

I forgot to mention this is a free pattern. I recommend that you grab yourself a copy and whip up your own little ghost to decorate your house this Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by. If you'd like to see more finished objects, check out the blog Tami's Amis :-)

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